Thursday, June 9, 2005

My 1st day in Brisbane

i am now in the brisbane YHA paying to go online.
i got here from sydney by air this afternoon..
nth other than shopping and booking stuff for tmr had yet been done.
just wandering around..things here are a lot cheaper than those in sydney.
it's affordable to have larger amount and better quality food here..
still..we have a cheapy dinner this everning. all are food from supermarket.
this hostel is not as good as the one in blue mountain.. less toilet..less support..less facilities..less convineint location..and a lot more crowded.

i was in trouble in calling home(actually..not just home!)
problem was either no money..or call couldn't be made for unknown reason.
dad's number was temporary unavailable..mum's off her cell phone..someone occupied the fixed line..etc..SHIT!!!
All those were making me mad! =.=

i will be back in two days..yet i started missing Oz already.
life in HK will change and i could nth but follow my fate.
merely imagining the days and nights of just going to home and backing home terrified me.
pls wish me good time in future..

not a reply of my application letter expect the mok sau tsung sec sch in tai po.. they kept calling me..but had i written in my letter that i would not be available in this period, hvnt i???..still.i feel gald that at least someone response me..

how to apply to be a pr?..need planning...need a lot planning

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